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Our mission.

There are CBD hemp oil companies but none are quite like CBD Pure Hemp Oil Corp. Within CBD products there’s CBD hemp oil, and there’s carrier oil which delivers it into your body. 98% of CBD companies use MCT oil (coconut oils) as a carrier oil and that can have an extremely pungent smell and taste. Most importantly, MCT oil brings the purity of your CBD hemp oil down to usually only 60% to 75% CBD oil and the rest is flavoring and filler. Our mission is to go beyond the industry standard to bring the most effective CBD oil to consumers.

    • CBD Pure Hemp Oil Corp uses organic refined hemp seed oil, which is part of the hemp plant itself.
    • It’s odorless and tasteless.
    • Our CBD Pure Hemp Oil is lab tested and reaches from 95.96% to our current batch 98.36% pure CBD hemp oil

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 CBD pure hemp oil prides itself in having high standards for Purity, Quality, and Potency. Every batch of CBD pure hemp oil is independently lab tested to ensure the highest standard and quality available in the industry

 Maximum Strength

    • 3000 mg of CBD delivered and every one ounce bottle


    • The purest full spectrum CBD oil on the market

 Health Benefits

    • Our product helps ensure overall well-being


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